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Draw Die Metal Stamping

Draw stamping refers to a process in which the depth of the part exceeds its diameter.  It is accomplished by feeding a coil of flat metal into a punch press with stations performing a repeating operation on the metal to achieve the desire drawn shape like a cup, cone or cap, to name a few.  Complicated features such as flaring, slitting and slotting can be accomplished during the drawing process.

The advantages of deep draw custom metal stamping:

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Economical Tooling
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Less Scrap
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One Piece Construction
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Slots, holes, flaring, flanges in one press
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Complex Shapes Made Easily
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High Quality, Uniform Parts

Production quantities range from one to millions of pieces with J.I.T and blanket programs.  Reliable’s services expand beyond custom metal stampings.  Plating, heat-treating, assembly, packing are just a few of the additional services offered. 

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