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Our History


Clarence H. Ruesch “Jake” and his son Clarence W. Ruesch poured a concrete floor and installed Reliable’ s first punch press in a rented corn crib in Countryside, IL. The story goes it was once owned by Minnie Marx, the mother of the Marx Brothers. During World War I, Minnie purchased the poultry farm because farmers could be exempted from the draft. In 1947 – Reliable moved to 26th Street, Cicero, Illinois.


26th Street, Cicero, Illinois


A few years after moving to 26th Street, “Jake” fell ill and his son, Clarence W. Ruesch, just discharged from the United States Marines, rejoined the company.

Front DoorMail

26th Street, Cicero, Illinois

Austin Avenue, Cicero, IL – Another move for Reliable

1957 – 1962

In May of 1958, Jake died.   His wife Victoria assumed the role of President and son Clarence Vice President. 

Store FrontTable 

Austin Avenue, Cicero, IL – Another move for Reliable

Franklin Park, IL.

1962 – Present

Reliable moves to its current location in Franklin Park, Illinois


Franklin Park, IL.

Addition to 9235 Parklane


Over Reliable’s half plus century in Franklin Park . . . it has continued to grow from the initial one building structure.

Addition to 9235 Parklane

Purchased 9244 Parklane


9244 Purchase Original Building 1

Purchased 9244 Parklane

Addition to 9244 Parklane


9244 Addition9244 Addition Complete

Addition to 9244 Parklane


In 2001, Reliable made another move.  It bought the assets of an OEM conduit and pipe hanger manufacturer.  This business expansion allows Reliable to manufacture a complete product line of high-quality conduit hangers and straps.  Some of the biggest names in the electrical supply industry rely on Reliable Metal Stamping Co., Inc for their products. 

Asset Purchase

Secured long-term lease agreement for 9238 Parklane Avenue


Reliable now spans over 30,000 square feet of production, warehouse, and office space.

Secured long-term lease agreement for 9238 Parklane Avenue

Reliable Leadership

2023 – Present: Jason M. Ruesch

Served as Vice President 2021 – 2022

1998 – 2022: Carl D. Ruesch

Vice President 1991 – 1998 & 2023 – Present

1991 – 1998: Clarence W. Ruesch

Served as Vice President 1958 – 1991

1958 – 1991: Victoria Ruesch

1945 – 1958: Clarence H. Ruesch (Jake)

Reliable Metal Stamping Co., Inc.

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