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The Benefits of Plating

PlatingCarbon steel is found in almost every industry. The iron chemical element of steel gives the metal its versatility. However, this same iron component makes it vulnerable to rust which can compromise the strength of the finished part.

Plating is the solution to this problem. It is a time-tested process that protects the underlying metal from oxidation by placing a layer of protection right over the steel. Plating is used to:

    • Prevent corrosion
    • Make aesthetic appealing
    • Easier to solder
    • Make more durable or harder
    • Easier to paint
    • Make more or less conductive

types of plating

Plating is just one of the value-added services Reliable Metal Stamping Co., Inc. provides.  Reliable Metal Stamping is ready and waiting to help you. Reliable has the experience you can trust and people you can count on. 

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